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How to save time on party planning

It’s the birthday season, that means it’s the peak birthday party-time. If like me, in the past you’ve spent countless hours agonizing over invites, menu, favors and more, it’s time to rethink the process. 

Here are a few tips that might come handy, especially when it comes to saving time while planning:

1. Make your lists before starting 

Draft a list of the guest-list, and things to do before actually getting to them. This will help you see the road ahead rather than blindly planning. 

2. Start a little in advance

Around 2 months before the party ask the birthday person their theme of choice. This will dictate decor, dress-code, favors and probably even the menu. 

3. Keep it simple

Simplify the guestlist and every aspect of the party. Rather than going for a 5 course menu think of simple appetizers, main course and cake. Or heavy hors d’oeuvres and cake are always a hit too. 

4. Order what you can online

From decor to the dishes it’s best to test out what looks good by ordering online, resing reviews etc. 

5. Return the favor 

Kids look forward to the party but they’re most excited about party favors. An engaging toy with an enjoyable treat is always welcome. 

And fellow-parents will thank you if it’s gifted with sustainability and the kids’ well-being in mind. 

We’d love to hear how you’ve saved time while planning birthday parties. Please share in the comments below. For more such discussions follow us on instagram at @party_elephants